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What’s all this stuff cost???  Can I also get these items???


All the maps on this site, are for sale…all at least 200 – 300% larger than original.  Basically, you pay for the cost of the map, the lamination, shipping, plus a good case of beer for me to drink while I make your map...This is not a business, it is a hobby to inspire others, but there have been so many requests. Just decided to make them for others as well because it is a better gaming experience.


A very large aa:e, aa:p, traditional maps, and a new updated revised edition available now. These maps are shown at the elbow site, and are way cool. The price really only covers my cost. The original maps are purchased as a wall map, then cut them to game specs.  The folks who laminate my maps have had 7 price increases due to petroleum based plastic!!  ARG!! So for the 1st time ever, I have been forced to increase the price to each map to cover that.


Traditional / Revised Axis & Allies map $200 (USD)  ~33 x 72 / ~89cm - 183cm (shipping included if in the USA)


Large AA:R, AA:E or AA:P map $200


Huge AA:P or AA:E map $250:  $200


You may think, wow, 200+ bucks, (usually includes shipping in USA) Just ask the folks who now own an elbowmaster map.   The maps are of the highest quality.


The maps are double sided laminate using 10mil laminate / like restaurant menus. So, you can spill your beer on these and not have to worry about wrecking your map.


When you are finished gaming, roll it up, or hang it on the wall (hanging grommets on the top corners of each map).


All custom figures are painted by hand  2.50 each.


All out of the box / original figs are 0.99 cents. all are painted by hand, including flesh, weapon, & uniform.  Water based paints are used.


The 1/72 infantry figures are from Revell, Etrl, Matchbox, Esci, and Italeri.  They are removed from spurs and cleaned.


Axis and Allies miniatures are used in current version of set up pictures.


About the painted figures, two things can be done; All the painting for you, or give you the information & you can do it yourself.  All country units are available.


Armor are painted to country color.  Prices depend on GHQ models prices.


The armor and ships are from micro armor.  They are removed from spurs, cleaned & spray painted.


Ships include country colors with gray & silver trimming.


Here is the site link for the armor & ships:  armor catalog


The pricing for one of the base maps I use:  a world map resource


Shipping & handling on all map orders.



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